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The Mountain Club

Deja Rabone, CAAM
Community Manager
Tri-City Property Management
302 W. Willis Street, Suite 101
Prescott, AZ 86301


Phone: 928-237-2224

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Animal Sightings
Bobcats like this youngster are a fairly frequent sight in The Mountain Club         
Photo taken by Keith Fleming

The following reporting guidelines have been verified with the State of Arizona Game and Fish Department.

 In case of an actual attack on a human by a mountain lion or other dangerous animal, call 9-1-1.
 To report a sighting of a mountain lion or bear in a residential neighborhood, call in a report to the Arizona Game & Fish Department's 24/7 Hotline at 1-623-236-7201.  They will monitor reports and take action if necessary.  Note that the person doing the sighting should call.  Second-hand information is of little value in this case, and may not be acted upon.
 If your pet is attacked by a wild predator, call the 24/7 Hotline. Keep in mind that this is natural behavior for wild predators, so if it was a coyote or bobcat, they will not do anything other than take the report and commiserate.
If an animal is acting strangely and you think it might be rabid, call the 24/7 Hotline.
If you sight a bobcat (lynx), coyote, javelina, etc., just enjoy the wildlife we share the Mountain Club with, and make sure to keep your family and pets safe. 

Here is a link to the Arizona Game & Fish Department's page on Living With Mountain Lions: