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Mountain Club Animals
Deer are a frequent sight in The Mountain Club                   
Photo taken by Dale Maas

Almost all the animals you will encounter in the Mountain Club area are harmless and are just fun to watch and to
be around, particularly if you (and your kids) don't harass them.

There are a few exceptions: skunks can leave a lasting impression on your family or your pets. 
Snakes, lizards, javelina, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, pet dogs and strange housecats might give you a bite if they feel threatened, but otherwise they will leave you alone. 

There are some animals that could potentially be a real threat, however:
  • Rattlesnakes (we've had occasional reports of sightings of Arizona Black Rattlers)
  • Mountain lions (they occasionally wander through on their 50-mile+ range)
  • Bears (We've rarely seen one here, but they can wander in)
  • Any warm-blooded animal infected with rabies (bats, coyotes, etc.)
The links below will tell you about some of the animals you might see in the Mountain Club area, how to recognize wild cats, and what to do in encounters with animals.

Animal Sightings
Bobcat or Lynx
Recognizing Mountain Lions
Encountering a Mountain Lion
Encountering a Rattlesnake