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Buyer Information
Much-needed buyer disclosure:

This page has recently been added to address ongoing problems. Prospective buyers should be aware that realtors fairly frequently are confused or in error about which properties are and are not within The Mountain Club. There have been numerous instances of purchasers of homes nearby being very disappointed to learn after purchasing their home that they are not actually members of The Mountain Club, and cannot “join” other than by purchasing a different property.
Membership in The Mountain Club is based entirely upon our property ownership roster, represented by our new boundary map, which is available at the bottom of this webpage. We are unique and exclusive in many ways, not the least of which is to the extent that if a property is not included on our official roster, it is not within The Mountain Club. This determination can be easily verified by contacting our business office or any Board member. The new Water Boundary Map is thought to be accurate, but if a property is near to a boundary, please request verification.

A survey of recent listings on one local realty office's website showed that only three of eight properties listed as “in" The Mountain Club actually were authentic Mountain Club member properties. We have seen properties posted on realty websites as “Mountain Club” properties which were several miles outside our boundaries.

The Mountain Club, the oldest “planned community”* in Arizona, is a close-knit community surrounded on most of three sides by the City of Prescott and on the remaining boundary by unincorporated Yavapai County properties. Our northern boundary is a little over one mile from the Prescott Courthouse Square, so we are ideally located. Our area extends for about a mile from north to south and for about 2/3rds of a mile from east to west, and this is not expected to change in the foreseeable future. The Mountain Club consists of 453 real estate parcels, 390 of them developed and 63 undeveloped. We embrace some or all of 20 subdivisions and are home to approximately 1,000 fortunate folks.

Part of the complication is certainly because of the fact that, due to past annexation actions by the City of Prescott and possibly other causes, at least 7 of the 20 subdivisions are split, containing both homes within and outside of The Mountain Club. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) currently does not comprehend this. These subdivisions are: Hassayampa Mountain Club Plats A, B, C and F, Mountain Club Estates #1  and Pine Knoll Estates Units 1 and 4. There may be other cases. This does not explain all the confusion, but it could explain a lot of it. Any property near to the Mountain Club Community Boundary should be verified to determine whether it is actually a Mountain Club member property or not.

We look forward to welcoming like-minded families into our unique, eclectic, historic, tradition-steeped, cohesive, genteel, forested community; however Mountain Club membership is a strictly limited commodity, so please check beforehand to make sure a “Mountain Club” property you are interested in actually falls within our boundary.
* The Mountain Club is an Arizona non-profit corporation. It is not governed by Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) Title 33, Chapter 16, “Planned Communities.”


Water Boundary Map